What We Do

Our goal at Angels’ Haven Outreach is to help improve the lives of Liberian children and their families through community partnership projects.  We believe that long lasting results can be best achieved when community members invest themselves in the projects.  We help to raise the necessary funds for material and, when necessary, to hire local tradespeople.

Our first official project has been located at a school in rural Bong County, Liberia.  It all started when we met a woman named Esther.


Esther’s Story:

Esther and her husband, Francis, had a dream of providing an education to the children in the area of Francis’ childhood.  After many years in the States, they returned to Liberia determined to invest their retirement years in making that dream a reality.  They started building a home on their family property and chose a location for the school.  Sadly, a few months later, Francis passed away from a heart attack.


Determined to carry on her husband’s legacy, Esther used his memorial fund to begin construction of the school.  She returned to work and used what she earned to personally fund the project.  She completed the school in time for the start of the 2015-16 school year.  She arranged for 10 teachers to come and housed them in her yet unfinished home.


These teachers have spent the entire school year sleeping three men to a mattress.  The only female teacher sleeps in what will eventually be a bathroom.   Thanks to everyone who has donated, we are working on a duplex with two bedrooms on each side where the male teachers will live.  The community came together to clear the land and contractors were hired to construct the building.  

Clearing the land

Working together

We achieved our initial goal of completing the exterior before the rainy season.  Our next goal is to install the windows and doors.  


Update from November, 2016: The windows and doors were all installed and the teachers are now all living in the new duplex.

They have built an outdoor kitchen where they prepare their meals.

Update – January, 2017: Our next project will be the construction of a second duplex. Our goal is for each teacher to eventually have his/her own bedroom.

If you feel compelled to join us, please click on the “Make a Donation” button on our “How You Can Help” page. Thanks!