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Health Insurance for Adoptees

Both Federal and California State law almost universally require coverage for the adopted children of participants in group health plans. Plans that provide coverage for dependent children must provide adopted children with the same benefits and coverage given to biological children. There is no requirement that the adoption be finalized in court before coverage begins. Coverage is available as soon as a participant assumes financial responsibility for the child. Carriers are also prohibited from restricting coverage on the basis of a pre-existing condition.

To make sure you are eligible for federal protections, apply for health insurance for your child within 30 days of placement for adoption.

Although individual plans are not subject to federal regulations, state law may require coverage as well. Please click on the attached article to find resources for California as well as links to resources you can print out for your insurance company if they resist coverage for your adopted child or child you are in the process of adopting.

Click here to download an article from the National Council for Adoption on Health Insurance for Adopted Children.

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